Millions of individuals across the world use BOTOX® Cosmetic to improve the look of crow’s feet around the eyes and frown lines that appear between the brows. This treatment method has been well-studied and is currently the top procedure of choice for those that want a more youthful appearance. This is the only approved procedure that can temporarily improve these areas and has been extensively studied. It’s currently available in 78 countries and provides trusted results time and time again.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Procedure

BOTOX® targets the muscles below the surface of the skin that form the crow’s feet and frown lines. When you concentrate or frown it causes a contraction of the muscles and makes your skin fold and furrow. A specialist will make 5 injections into your forehead muscles in order to reduce the activity of the procerus and corrugator muscles. This will temporarily reduce the activity of these muscles and will smooth out the frown lines in the area.

If you tend to squint, crow’s feet will form due to the contraction of the muscles in the eye area. The specialist will make an injection into the orbicularis oculi, the muscle which is located beside each eye. You will see a reduction in the look of your crow’s feet since the muscle activity around the eyes will be temporarily reduced.

During the treatment process you may feel a small amount of discomfort that feels much like a pinch and a numbing topical cream or ice may be used. Following the procedure you’ll be able to get right back to your daily routine with minimal downtime. The BOTOX® Cosmetic process only takes approximately 10 minutes and you can expect to see visible results in a day or 2 for severe or moderate frown lines. These results are expected to last about four months.

It’s important to find a trained expert to administer the BOTOX® injections to experience the best results. You also need to make sure that you are receiving real BOTOX® injections versus a generic form that has not been thoroughly tested. Here at Truedent Family Dentistry we use authentic BOTOX® that follows strict procedures for storage, manufacturing and transportation to make sure that it is not compromised in any way.

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