The practice of orthodontics is a precise science that involves the gentle, constant and directed force of the teeth to move them into their desired position. Orthodontic materials are currently available in ceramic, metal or plastic forms and they can either be bonded directly to the teeth or they may be removable. Orthodontic appliances have evolved in the years and a number of materials are available that create more discreet and smaller appliances and braces.

Invisalign appliances are clear aligners that can be removed by the patient when he eats or drinks. This is a treatment option that is becoming more and more popular since no metal wires are involved and an individual can remove the appliance when he eats and then clean his teeth properly before putting it back in place.

In some cases the Invisalign procedure is not recommended and is not a suitable option. In this type of scenario, the individual will need to use standard braces but fortunately the science of this technology has evolved greatly and this form of teeth straightening has become much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Memory wires are now created using new alloys that provide longer effectiveness while reducing the amount of discomfort and pain for patients. As well, there are more choices available in terms of metal, hidden and clear braces.
It is recommended that a child should first consult with a dentist regarding orthodontics if necessary at the age of 7 while there is no age limit for older patients. There is no upper age limit on straightening your teeth.

It usually takes anywhere from 18 up to 24 months to see the expected results with braces but this will all depend on the complexity of the case and the treatment method that has been chosen. Successful treatment also depends on the patient and his willingness and ability to follow directions and attend appointments regularly. Patients that are diligent may see results faster and children that are treated early on may experience a reduced treatment time. Treating children as early as possible can also reduce the severity of the misalignment and offer faster results.

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